David S. Gray
Boulder, CO
  Web programmer currently employed full time but usually looking for interesting, challenging, and rewarding work (bonus points for flexibility). Works well with clients and management as well as internal and external end users to streamline workflow, making everyone's work easier and more effective. Has been anecdotally referred to as an IT Force Multiplier.

Technical Experience:
Programming Languages: Perl, C, XS, Python, PHP
Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server 2005
DB Programming: PL/SQL, plpgsql, T-SQL
Operating Systems: OSX, Linux, Solaris, Win32
Back-End Web: Apache, gSOAP, mod_perl
Front-End Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Misc Technology: Spread, Subversion, Twisted, XML, Arbortext APP

Job Experience
  OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc.: Jul. 2003 - present
   Code Monkey

Current Responsibilities:

Implementation, troubleshooting and enhancements to a cross-platform, cross-database Email Campaign Management System (C, SQL Server 2005, ODBC, PostgreSQL, libpq, Perl). Exposure of the relevant pieces as a SOAP web service.

Past Responsibilites:
Ground-up rebuild of Email Campaign Management System sitting atop OmniTI's Ecelerity MTA (C, libpq, gSOAP, plpgsql). Test harness implementation, dependency resolution, debugging tools (PHP, SOAP, gSOAP). Export of stored procedures into a version control system (Perl, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, PostgreSQL, plpgsql, Subversion).
Rewrite and upgrade of open-source general-purpose messaging server taking advantage of the Twisted networking framework for Python (Python, Twisted). Modular and easily hookable design allowed for diverse modules to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as an arbitrary permissions scheme and persisting content to a database.
PlasmaNet, Inc.
Design, scalability test, and build new web applications and service offerings (Perl, Apache::ASP, Oracle, Linux, Solaris) to serve an extremely large user base. Integrate new code into legacy systems, refactoring and documenting as much as possible along the way. Derive relevant reports from old data to support and justify new business rules (Oracle, PL/SQL). Extension, multi-threadification, and performance tuning of a personalized email newsletter scheduler serving the aforementioned user base (Perl, C, XS, Ecelerity).
The Taubman Company
Upgrades and enhancements to a stable system cobranded across a large number of sites (Perl, Oracle). Personalized administration and incident reporting systems and added flexibility to search capabilities.
Internal (OmniTI)
Upgrade analytics capabilities and presentation of internal time tracking/reporting and project management system (Perl, MySQL, JavaScript). Implement glue module to interface with LDAP (Ecelerity, C, LDAP).

  Advent 3B2, Inc.: Nov. 2001 - Jun. 2003
   Technical Consultant

(Advent 3B2 was acquired by Arbortext, who was then acquired by PTC. The Advent 3B2 Publishing Engine is now known as Arbortext APP.)

Designed and developed end-to-end automated publishing systems for clients using relevant technologies (3B2 Publishing Engine, Perl, XML, XPath, XSLT). Communicated with client management to determine and prioritize high-level goals, making sure to keep them in the loop during development. Worked with the client's technical team to fine-tune their data/DTD and develop printing specifications.
Internally, designed and implemented tools to increase productivity and reusability. Researched and prepared reports and recommendations to improve marketing and communication through the company website. (Advent's website has since been dramatically overhauled and significantly improved, following my recommendations in most places.)

  Freelance: Dec. 2000 - Nov. 2001
   Web Developer & Programmer

Completed projects ranging in complexity from adapting Photoshop mockups into HTML templates (HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop) to designing and implementing custom database driven web applications (Perl, Oracle, JavaScript, HTML). References and more detailed project descriptions available upon request.

  Digiweb, Inc.: Sep. 1998 - Nov. 2000
   Web Developer & Programmer

(Digiweb was acquired by Interliant, who went bankrupt and was acquired at auction by NaviSite)

Designed and put live several internal websites (HTML, Photoshop). Worked closely and coordinated efforts with graphic designers and programmers to tie front-end design onto back end systems (Perl, Solaris, Windows NT, IIS, Apache).
Worked on web application tools for the Billing and Support departments (Perl, Oracle). Design and development of tech support and website tools for a free website hosting service (HTML, Perl, MySQL). Implemented cobranding mechanism on several websites (Perl, Java, JSP, CGI)

  University of Maryland
   Bachelor's, Computer Science and English
I graduated from the Science & Technology magnet program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and continued on to the University of Maryland as a Computer Science & English double major. I am continuing my Bachelor's degree part-time when I can tear myself away from my professional responsibilities.