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About doesntsuck.com

This is a site for me. If you like it, that works too.

It's a place for me to store links to sites I find interesting, reviews of books that I've read or books that I plan to read. It's also my own personal soapbox from time to time, when I feel like I'd like to write down my opinion about something.

It uses Movable Type 2.64 (plus some of my own modifications) as its CMS and is hosted by DreamHost.

Stuff I use and heartily recommend:
General, Food, Computer, and Computer Geek, in that order
Avanti WD-50
Water cooler. It's not stupendous or anything, but it gets the job done.
Carbohydrate. And how can I mention pasta without mentioning the three things that make pasta so totally eatable??? Sockarooni, cayenne pepper and oregano. Also, here's to you, heat and water!
Unprocessed wine. Also, a hilariously menacing (and powerful) black woman. Cook in rice cooker (mine doesn't have flowers on it...), and apply hot sauce and/or chili garlic sauce liberally. Flinch on toilet. Rinse and repeat.
Mountain Dew
Soft drink. But then again, most liquid is soft. So why do they feel the need to specify? I suppose "Carbonated beverage" would have been a better description, but then again, so would have "Carbonated, caffienated beverage"... I think that about covers it. Oh, and it tastes better than coffee.
Web browser. I use this instead of Firefox for its more advanced security options and its finer-grained control over cookies and such. I also use the WebDeveloper and Adblock addons, available for both Mozilla and Firefox.
Mozilla Thunderbird
Open-source email client. Does everything I need and much more. My only gripe is that if I filter my email server-side using procmail, the unread status of a folder I filter something into doesn't get updated, effectvely hiding new mail that I filter, and requiring me to keep as many copies of my filters around as I have Thunderbird installations.
Avant Browser
Web browser shell. I don't actually use this anymore, but if, for reasons beyond your control, you must use Internet Explorer, this is a good way to make it more tolerable. It acts as a shell around Internet Explorer; adds tabbed browsing, 1-click popup and flash blocking, and more.
Computer Geek:
Terminal client. I spend most of my time at work staring into a terminal. For the uninitiated, a terminal is a text-based connection to a remote (usually) computer. My eterm isn't heavily customized, but it's possible to set random background images on your different windows and stuff.
Text editor. Some variant of vi is always installed on any self-respecting unix/linux box. It is a modal text editor, which makes it confusing to lots of people, especially those who learned emacs first (like me).
Text editor. Emacs was the text editor with which I was most comfortable for a long time. I didn't use many of its more powerful features, however, so not too long ago I challenged myself to learn how to do everything I was doing in emacs using vim. It's been a while now, but the biggest thing that (I think) emacs had was it retained its undo history for a buffer even after you switced to another buffer and back again.
ssh client. I spend a lot of time at a terminal, and this is the best one I've found (for Win32).
As a general rule, links not pointing to the doesntsuck.com domain open in a new window. This reflects my personal style of browsing the web because I am the most important visitor to my website! If you are annoyed by this awesome feature of my website, please feel free to email me about it.

Creative Commons License This weblog is licensed under a Creative Commons License.