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ablum (last 6 of 6) [view all]

The College Dropout
Born to Do It
Some Devil
Deltron 3030
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

book (last 10 of 110) [view all]

Lies My Teacher Told Me
The Difference Engine
The Color of Magic
Virtual Light
Tyrannosaur Canyon
Citizen of the Galaxy
The Real Lincoln
King of the Vagabonds

featured music (last 2 of 2) [view all]

The College Dropout

friday five (last 10 of 28) [view all]

the friday five (job)
the friday five (yours)
the friday five (last)
the friday five (kid stuff)
the friday five (last time)
the friday five (paranormal)
the friday five (risks)
the friday five ($1M)
the friday five (favorites)
the friday five (quotes)

geekin (last 10 of 58) [view all]

Navigation Pet Peeve: Solved!
website mashup
the RIAA makes its move
Boston, you are retarded.
i hate hardware
mssql stored procedure garbage
free mind fuck
how to edit mozilla context menus
O'Doyal Rules!
verizon phone lockdown illegal?

link (last 10 of 1295) [view all]

computer security analogies in democracy
real ultimate perl hackers
the brainfuck programming language
the hello world collection
python and xml
a japanese-ivore
all 6 star wars movies at once
Coral Content Distribution Network
internet archive: canadian libraries
open content alliance

mixed drinks (last 9 of 9) [view all]

hot spiced whisky
Maker's Mark Peach Pork Chops
Maker's Mark Slush
Grape Jolly Rancher
Flaming Dr. Pepper
Am-Co (honk honk)
Sprite Sipper
Vodka Camo
The Ginger Rogers

movie (last 10 of 10) [view all]

strike a juxtapose
marey chrismiss
LOTR heh.
oooh, controversy
peligroso en la cabeza!
Matrix Revolutions Trailer
panic room
crazy, high, floating
Well mister tree...

opinion (last 10 of 49) [view all]

waterboarding. really? really?!
amateur security just makes it worse
neutrality or bust
Boston, you are retarded.
I don't trust you.
Brandalism: PsyOps for Ad execs
assuming a ladder
yay mexico
verizon phone lockdown illegal?
You create nothing.

personality test (last 10 of 20) [view all]

how many?
linguistic profile
political pigeonholing
drew a house
One Percenter
Crippled Politician
GIR reporting
which NetHack monster are you?

pic(s) (last 10 of 47) [view all]

taco with a butt
fema comic + goons = trippy
new pics!
new pictures!
Boston, you are retarded.
more pics
new gallery
less should be more

quote (last 10 of 106) [view all]

a silly game
Brandalism: PsyOps for Ad execs
pea sea
assuming a ladder
No way to rule innocent men.
blame who?
funny because it's true
list of things to return
bastiat the troll

random re me (last 10 of 121) [view all]

"Family" Reunion 2008
hot chick + plasma tv + cashiers check = scam
beware the woe-man
Boston, you are retarded.
a busy two months
I made up a recipe.
i hate hardware
Congrats Jason

ug's dreams (last 1 of 1) [view all]


video games (last 10 of 10) [view all]

my first graphs
whizzball online game
Cube: open source fps
Super Mario, Psychologist
episode 1 of disgaea
puzzle pirates!
argh! hard game!
back to Camelot
Stuntman for the PS2

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