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September 12, 2003

Balkan Ghosts   (book)

Balkan Ghosts: A Journey through History
Balkan Ghosts: A Journey through History

This book delves very deeply into the psychological and socioeconomical factors and influences surrounding events in the Balkans. It covers a lot of the history of the area, which is essential to understanding a lot of the unrest in the area. There is an amazing amount of ethnic hatred and just plain racism in that area of the world. A lot of it stems from the fact that every country claims all the land it held at the peak of its power as rightfully its own, which creates many conflicting claims. Overall a very enlightening book, it describes the great importance of the Balkans and their influence on the headlines of today. From Balkan nations aiding and receiving aid from extremist Middle Eastern regimes to Greece as the West's gateway to the East, there are many important and thought-provoking points brought up in this book.

Posted by yargevad at September 12, 2003 03:52 PM

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