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February 22, 2007

hot chick + plasma tv + cashiers check = scam   (random re me)

I'm renting out rooms in my house and put an ad on Craigslist. I got several local responses, but one in particular stood out as rather odd. This is just the teaser, there is a bunch of back and forth. I'll add more after the jump when I'm not swamped with work!

From: "hh gg"
Reply-To: loveandloveback@gmail.com
Subject: $450 3 rooms $450-475 in quiet South Boulder neighborhood

I am katherine benedito, I grew up in Portugal and working with my present establishment Harveys &Co. (clothing) Ltd which specialize in production of all kind of work wear As a Market Researcher. I started working with my present establishment In the year 2003 I got transferred to the U k, which obviously I did not find it easy at all initially but had to cope because of my sustainance.Weve got a tremendous increase in turnover in US market over the last 2 years, since then our company has been planning to establish and penetrate the US market. Some weeks ago, a memo came from our head office notifying my assignment to the STATES" this will take a couple of months as part of our marketing planning in US market.
My job is to do a lot of secondary research and also access the weekly report of our Marketing Research Agency. Most of my job is from home and little on field. Ever since I have started my career I have been enjoying international transfers and have been using that opportunity to gain international exposures which I belief it's very useful for me in the near future...lol. I am a Christian, a social drinker and a non smoker, I would want to know more about you and why you which to rent out your place and if it is still very much available. Please let me have your quick response ASAP.
Harveys &Co. (clothing) Ltd

Posted by yargevad at February 22, 2007 12:02 PM

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