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September 08, 2003

We the Living   (book)

We the Living
We the Living

Life in the USSR sucked, as Ayn Rand describes in this book, which she describes as "as near to an autobiography as I will ever write." Revolution, power, exploitation, all bring out the most basic values that every human being holds dear. This book tells the story of several Russian young people in the wake of the Red October revolution. The conflict in this book is between two different ideals which are very simply represented by the two words "I" and "We." The beliefs of those who believe in "We" are practiced publicly but not privately, leading to exploitable hypocricy by those who would wield power for themselves. At one point in the book, the heroine promises her uncle that she will get out and tell the world what is really happening in Russia. This book is Ayn Rand fulfilling that promise.

Posted by yargevad at September 8, 2003 05:24 PM

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