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April 21, 2005

The One Minute Bureaucrat   (book, random re me)

The One Minute Bureaucrat: A Nightmare in Four Fits
The One Minute Bureaucrat: A Nightmare in Four Fits

My Uncle Jim wrote this book a couple years ago. It's a quick read; I read the whole thing while I was sitting in a Starbucks in Whistler in January 2004. I remember enjoying it, but I don't remember any specifics, so I'm re-reading it right now.

He also self-published another (Bush Almighty! An Extraterrestrial Critique) last year that I just found out about while trying to link to the publisher of the first one without going through Amazon... I ordered my copy by sending a $15 check directly to the publisher. I just had to dig through a crapton of old check copies to get that number. You're welcome.

The snail mail address for the publisher of this book is:

Suite 530
37 Store Street

Posted by yargevad at April 21, 2005 11:23 PM

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